Membership Benefits & Functions

As a member-driven organization, the success of BIF in its journey to provide “Broadband for All” will happen with the active participation from Members.


  • Eligible to be nominated for election to the Executive Council as per the rules laid in BIF’s Election process
  • Participate in the Annual General Meeting
  • Participate in exclusive members-only activities
  • Participate in BIF’s Working Groups & Hi-Level committees working in 14 different fields in the Telecom domain and give expert opinion on subjects related to ICT, Broadband, Satellite, Radio Communications, Spectrum, Telecommunication, Research & Development, Standardization, and any other technology that would facilitate the early adoption of Broadband in India.


  • Stay informed about BIF and Members’ news as well as industry trends and developments via BIF’s Reports & Publications such as Bits n Bytes and the website
  • Access exclusive content through the Member’s Resources Centre of the BIF website
  • Access to Library Services at the HQ, which houses various Articles, Publications, Journals, Reports, etc.


  • Opportunity to attend BIF’s Seminars, Conferences and Workshops organized by the Forum and the third-party events supported by the Forum
  • Develop relationships with senior leaders in business, technology, academia, policy and regulation
  • Stay connected with fellow BIF members via exclusive access to the Member Directory


  • Save on conference registration fees
  • Receive reduced member rates for advertising, exhibit cubicles, and meeting rooms during the Annual Conference
  • Enjoy discounts to other events and publications.


  • Share BIF resources, programs, and electronic updates with staff and colleagues


  • Become involved in initiatives that promote Broadband Connectivity in the country
  • Develop and implement outreach projects as part of the BIF’s Projects initiative
  • Contribute via knowledge partnership in conferences, workshop programs and discussions
  • Be a part of the thinking process to expand Broadband penetration in the country