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About India Satcom

India SatCom is one of the more popular and long-standing events in the field of Satellite Communications, which dwells on aspects related to Policy, Regulations and dynamically changing Market and Technologies in the Satcom ecosystem in the country.

India SatCom 2022 is the 8th edition of this annual flagship event of BIF, which is being held physically this time in New Delhi on 13th & 14th December 2022. This event is expected to have participation from all vital stakeholders in the entire ecosystem – comprising of senior representatives and decision makers from the relevant Ministries and Departments of the Government of India, the Regulator, and experts from the concerned Space Agencies, Industry, Startups, Technology solutions providers, allied sector representatives, leading global and national Satcom players, technical and legal experts, among others. The event, which comes in the scenario of a soon-to-be New National Space Policy, is expected to lead to a series of discussions about the impact of the vital Policy on various sectors of the Space Industry, with special emphasis on the Role of Satellite Communications. There are huge expectations from the Space Policy, which is likely to spur the next round of market liberalisation and privatization. It is expected to lead to a wave of induction of emerging and advanced technologies in Satcom and enable seamless interworking between terrestrial and non-terrestrial technologies (NTN). Backed by a flurry of government measures on the policy and regulatory fronts in recent times, Satellite broadband in India is well on its way to become a part of the mainstream means to connect the unserved and underserved populace, particularly in the geographically challenged terrains. The Government is cognisant of the fact that Satcom is one of the most important technological tools to accelerate and achieve the progressive national objectives of ‘Digital India’ and ‘Broadband for All’. With renewed vigour from the Government through its Policy announcements in the Space Sector since June 2020, coupled with an expectant and vibrant industry raring to get into action, we expect to see Satcom play an increasingly important role in our work and lives in the times to come.

India SatCom 2022 will explore the various dimensions related to impact of Space Policy and the rapidly evolving new Satcom technologies, integration of Satcom with 5G and 6G, evolution of new business models, and other critical policy and regulatory measures required to facilitate the role of Satcom in Digital Inclusivity, help improve ease of doing business and bring associated investment opportunities (both domestic and foreign) into the sector.

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