Issued by BIF in public interest – Technology & persons with disabilities

Accessibility Statement

Broadband India forum is committed to the accessibility of the content published on its website and we continue our best efforts in making our website accessible for persons with disabilities.

Our ongoing Efforts to Ensure Accessible Content:

Broadband India forum has made all efforts to meet the W3C’s WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA standards. Further, BIF is committed to make the documents published in other formats such as PDF to be accessible and usable to the highest degree possible.

Compatibility with browsers and assistive technologies

The website is compatible with the latest popular browsers and screen readers. Despite our best efforts, visitors may encounter some challenges with certain screen reader and browser combinations. Further we also understand that the needs of the visitors vary depend on their abilities.

We are open to feedback. Kindly drop us a note through our contact form.

Possible Limitations

Situations where the content is supplied by the third party, where technology does not support/is incompatible, or the visitor is using an older version of assistive technology or browser, are beyond the control of Broadband India Forum.